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Texas Convergent was established to promote collaboration across the University of Texas through entrepreneurship. Historically, it has been the combination of students from varying backgrounds with the common goal of innovation that has driven the most creative ideas and products. Convergent aims to bridge the gap between the Computer Science department and students across the university by providing hands-on experience through collaborative projects and a community for students to launch their ideas.

Organization Structure


The board oversees general operations of the organization, including internal finance and accounting, marketing, membership, and technology. The board is also responsible for building and maintaining external relationships with mentors, alumnus, advisors, and corporate partners.


The in-house incubator is comprised of a technical group and a business group that provide necessary resources for ideas to develop into minimally-viable products (MVP’s). Product managers and business analysts will focus on developing business models, marketing plans, forecasting, and potential product features. Software architects and developers will engineer web, system, and mobile developments. A team of UI and UX designers will assist product managers, architects, and developers with creative needs specific to each project. The members who are not involved in the incubator will participate in weekly extended lectures apart from general meetings.