Convergent Incubator


The incubator takes in 3-4 projects at a time to develop them from the idea to prototype stage. Our intention is to get the products and founding teams ready for pitch competitions, grant applications, and accelerators.

If you're interested in pitching your idea to our team and finding out how Convergent can help with product development, design, and strategy, shoot an email to incubator@txconvergent.org.

Incubator Officers

Build Teams Fall 2017

Consumer Analytics

Design and implement a solution to improve user engagement and active usage of a consumer app. Example project: Just as how Netflix increases engagement by recommending new content for users to watch based on similar users’ histories (this is called “collaborative filtering”), design and implement a restaurant/food recommender using collaborative filtering using the Yelp academic dataset.

Team Leaders

Retail Technology

Increase the market share of an retail company among millennials by designing and implementing a technology solution. Example project: Augmented-reality iOS app with face (think Snapchat face filters) or object detection to help shoppers find out what might look good on them in a store.

Team Leaders

Market Analytics

Help financial analysts make better decisions on what investments to make by designing and implementing a technology solution. Example project: A dashboard that connects to a stream of tweets, news headlines, and so on to determine the sentiment around a company.

Team Leaders

Social Media Monetization

Design and implement a solution to help a social media company make money. Example project: A simple Twitter clone, plus a pricing page and database “trigger” for users with more than 1,000,000 followers to pay whenever they tweet.

Team Leaders